How LEDs are Changing Outdoor Lighting

Watch as a lighting expert explains how LEDs are the best choice for outdoor lighting applications.

How LEDs are Changing Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting is critical for safety and security. At the same time, it can be a significant operational and maintenance expense. It's no wonder that more facilities are turning to high-performance, longer-lasting LEDs.

Doug Beh, executive vice president at Loeb Electric, discusses the benefits LEDs can bring to outdoor lighting applications. "If there's a category in traditional lighting where optical control is important, it's outdoor lighting," he says.

"LED fixtures are changing the way in which the lighting industry evaluates the amount of light needed in an outdoor setting. You no longer have huge variations in light; you can have very uniform light throughout an entire space. It gets to the use of the light and not the amount.

"Before, it was necessary to flood a whole bunch of light and hope that some of it illuminated the other spaces. Now, with LEDs, it's like hundreds of mini flashlights that you can point in all directions, either through the actual direction of the bulb, some type of reflector system or an optical system. So, there's lots of choices and different ways in which manufacturers direct that light."

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