Take a look around your office area and see how much space there is for energy savings.

Space for Energy Savings: Office Space


Every space in your facility has space for energy savings. Take, for instance, your office area.

LEDs offer more efficiency than conventional bulbs while delivering far superior light. They are also easier to integrate with lighting controls, so sensors can turn them off when no one is around.

Laptop computers offer mobility, flexibility and energy savings. Adjusting the power management settings ensures that the computers go into sleep mode when not in use.

Personal appliances, such as space heaters, can really add up on your energy bills. Save by maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the space.

Networking printers so that multiple employees share them saves energy and reduces paper waste. While you're at it, make sure those printers and other office equipment are ENERGY STAR®-certified for the most savings.

Look around your facility. Do you see more space for energy savings?

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